We has been around for more than 12 years since its humble beginning back in 2003. We have the whole range of solid wooden doors, SGO decorative glass doors, laminated design doors, veneer engineered doors and uPVC sound insulation doors and windows.

Jeff Chai

 Through the years we have build up our reputation as one of the most reliable Door suppliers in the region. We specialize on custom design doors and are proud to say that we have one of the best Designer Door range in town. Our track record of the doors we supply to a number of houses and bungalows in makes us proud of what we have achieved so far and for years to come…


We became a Franchisee of SGO (Stained Glass Overlay) USA Corporation. SGO USA has been a market leader in contemporary glass design with over 30 years of extraordinary glass design innovation. SGO Designer Glass is the state of the art technology in decorative glass design and it can be use on doors, window panels, wall partitions, ceiling tops, mirrors, staircase landings and even cabinet doors.  We have just invested into a new SGO Impression using high quality digital ink with polymerization process of bonding image onto glass.


We brought in Fascina uPVC doors & windows which cater for security, sound-proof and weather-proof. This uPVC doors & windows can withstand sunlight, rain and other harsh conditions which is why over in Europe majority of household uses this product. This product comes in 6 different colour ranges:-homogeneous white, grey, black, walnut wood grain, cherry wood grain and wenge wood grain. Besides uPVC we also provide Aluminum doors & windows.


We venture into promoting Cable & Rod Display System. This system is more than stylish in design and it also offers various functional options to suit every home’s needs. This innovative product can be used in a variety of usages such as: Exhibition display, Poster display on wall and ceiling, Product display in showroom, Signage as well as Staircase railings and Wall partitions.


After some negotiating with a carpenter on a major project, we became partners to promote Cabinetry doing customized kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, feature walls, book shelves, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets and all sorts of carpentry works such as floor decks and wooden skylights, etc.

We will continue to source and look out for new opportunity to enhance our product ranges so that we are able to meet most of our customers’ needs.