Solid Timber Door, Laminate & Veneer Door

All our timber doors are custom-made to suit to the lifestyle and environment of the premise, be it modern, contemporary, classic English style or neo Balinese style. Our laminate doors are exquisite in design and most suited for condominium and modern lifestyle living conditions. They come in 3 types: Honeycomb, Semi-solid or Solid core doors. As for veneer door, they come in neat wood grain design for customer who is particular with their doors. We provide installation and varnishing services using professional installer and painter with vast years of experience and knowledge. We do have locksets and ironmongery from reputable brands in the market to provide a complete service to customer.


Aluminum & uPVC Window & Slide & Fold Door

Our latest product Aluminum 2-in-1 Security Net and Window, brings safety, comfort and cool air into your home without worries. It comes with multi-point lock and slim handle for easy handling. Our uPVC product are heavily secured doors & windows and are sound-proof, water-proof and weather-proof. They come either with homogenous color or wood grain textured material.


SGO Impression Decorative Glass & Partition

With SGO Impression on doors, beauty and light illuminates the entrance of the home. Our intricate partition act as a modern smart space concept for multi-functional use in homes.


Cabinetry Works

We are carpentry based and specialize in customized cabinetry solution for the kitchen, bedrooms, living & dining as well as bathroom. The materials we use are either plywood laminate, MDF chipboard or melamine board as well as full aluminum carcass.



Grilles and Fencing

Our mild steel grille comes in different types such as hollow rod, flat bar, wrought iron, wire-mesh or even galvanized netting. We use them for door, window, fencing and staircase railings.